Wisdom from Mom (Amazon)


Helpful life, parenting, and relationship advice inspired by the author’s own mom.



Mothers are famous for dispensing advice, whether welcome or not. Sometimes that advice is useful. Sometimes it doesn’t fit our sensibilities or our world view. Sometimes we remember it, but we often forget. Too bad we didn’t receive a manual…

Ultimately, not everyone has access to this kind of wisdom, support, or advice from a parent. Or maybe our mothers (or fathers) don’t give the kind of advice that is useful at the time. Or, perhaps, we don’t have a parent to guide us as we begin our lives, or to help us later in life. Having a reference book of motherly advice that readers can refer to as they need it, from childhood to our elderly years, helps fill the gap.

Wisdom from Mom seeks to fill that gap, offering sometimes life changing advice that can be delivered at just the right time. Perfect for teens, graduates, new parents, those having a mid-life crisis, and those retiring from working life, this book will help you feel as if Mom has your back.

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